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Clay Dragons with jsthreads14

Have you ever seen a creature or something in nature and been captured by it? Inspired by it enough to start wanting to create or capture them in a way only you can? Jessica talks about how she does exactly that and more having found a love of dragons early on. And interested in dragon movies/tv shows and dinosaur movies/tv shows that may inspire you? Keep reading to find some of our favorites! Jurassic World anyone? Land Before Time? How to Train Your Dragon? While you read the goodies we have for you below, I’m going to go find my iPad to watch some of these movies below :)

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Crochet Pattern Writing with FiberandFern

Brie from Fiber and Fern, describes her journey to pattern making as well as some of her favorite resources that helped her get to where she is today. Also, check out addition crochet and knit pattern making, some free and some paid to include classes. If you are looking to start creating your own crochet or knitting patterns, we would like to encourage you to do so and give you some recommended resources to do so.

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