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On The Loom : A Modern Weaving Tapestry

Have you ever seen gorgeous weaving wall hangings and wondered the story behind them? Or wanted to purchase one of these gorgeous weaving designs but had no idea where to find one? Or perhaps you want to try your hand at creating your own? Keep reading for the story behind By Bella Designs, click below to find her weavings to include weaving wall hangings, available to purchase to hang as a beautiful art piece on your walls, and find resources for weaving loom kits and other equipment to make your own weavings. :)

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Yarn Dyeing with BlueMuleFiber

Have you ever heard a story so inspiring you wanted to follow the person in your favorite social media account to see what they next come up with? Or loved the story behind a color of yarn or a product that you literally wanted to buy all the yarn? This is the case with Beth and Ashley a mother - daughter team of indie dyers that are Blue Mule Fiber. :). Not only do they have an amazing story about how they got started doing what they do, but they also make some of the most gorgeous yarn! Keep reading for their story and tons of ideas of what you can do with this yarn when you get your hands on it. :)

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Yarn Dyeing with The Red Pansy

Have you ever looked at the vibrant colors in nature and wondered how to capture them in something you can touch and feel that does not fade or crumble into dust after a little while? Or seen that perfect crochet, weaving, or knitting pattern that you just can not find the right yarn for? Kelli of the Red Pansy has captured those vibrant colors and made them available to you, to make those handmade dreams come true :) And to think, she’s only be at this for a year! I cannot wait to see what she has planned for next year. :) Makes me want all the yarn…now if only I had the all the time to make all the projects in my head :)

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