All About Tailwind App for the Blogger That Needs More Time In Her Day

Does using a scheduler help in the long run?

Affiliate Disclosure - this article contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you, should you click through and make a purchase. Of note, I make it a point to not be an affiliate of tools, courses, etc for that which I do not use on my own website or that I would not buy for myself. And Tailwind is what I use to schedule most of my Pinterest pins and Instagram posts.

Hello! If you are a family/mommy blogger or in the maker community and need more time in your day, raise you hand!! I do!!! :) In looking for more hours in the day, I found Tailwind to help gain me more time but helping me to use less time in scheduling and posting posts for social media!

Tailwind helped me be both more productive and find more time in my day in 2018 and I plan on using it even more this year. Especially with some of the awesome new features they have recently developed - hashtag finder for Instagram (it is a great tool and I have found more hashtags that have helped increase my engagement!), tagging accounts in Instagram scheduler, automatic posting for Instagram (I LOVE this one), the SmartLoop for Pinterest and so much more!!

I’m excited to see what Tailwind comes up with in the next year and what new features will be released! But I still had questions about what to expect in 2019. Because of this, I went straight to Melissa, a Tailwind Point of Contact for people like myself that are affiliate members of Tailwind, to ask her some questions that I had about Tailwind.

Of note - You can start your own free trial by clicking any of the highlighted Tailwind words. You can start a free Tailwind trial with either Pinterest or Instagram (or both) and I will be taking you step-by-step how you can set up using either platform in a future tutorial. The free trial at this time is not for a length of days but for a specific amount of posts through the platform. The analytics alone are worth the subscription and the ease of scheduling all of my Pinterest and Instagram for a month in several days of work make this platform one of my key tools for my website.

If there are other questions you want answered, please let me know either via email at or by posting in the comments below.

Melissa - thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and more for me about Tailwind. I’m looking forward to seeing what new features are released in 2019!

Question: Please give us a little background on yourself, how you started at Tailwind, and how it’s going for you right now.

Melissa: I am incredibly fortunate that Tailwind was actually my very first "real" job out of college. Back in 2012, I, like any petrified graduate-to-be, began my search for the perfect job. Hiding among the insurance companies and the telemarketing jobs was a listing for PinLeague, the company now known as Tailwind. Being an Advertising major and a lover of all things social, I decided to apply. I’ll be honest — at that time, PinLeague did not have the most professional-looking website. After talking with our co-founders, Danny and Alex, I decided to take the job and haven't looked back since! 

Question: What exactly is Tailwind ? Can you explain this more for those who are unfamiliar with Tailwind ?

Melissa: Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling and analytics tool. We help brands of all sizes save time and grow their engagement on both platforms.

Our Instagram tool allows you to auto-publish content to your Instagram feed, schedule Instagram Stories, discover new hashtags, and track your performance through our analytics.

On Pinterest, we offer Pin scheduling as well as amazing tools like Tribes and SmartLoop. Tribes allows you to share your content with like-minded Pinners and discover great Pins your audience will love. SmartLoop makes it easy to reshare your best Pinterest Pins at the best times for engagement.

Question: How can a person benefit from Tailwind?

Melissa: On average, our members earn 6.9x the number of Saves and 3.7x the number followers from Pinterest. Our Instagram members enjoy 1.8x the number of Likes and 1.3x the number of followers on average. (All numbers from our Typical Results page)

With Tailwind, have time to go explore and have adventure and be able to balance work and life!

With Tailwind, have time to go explore and have adventure and be able to balance work and life!

Question: How much is Tailwind ? And are the levels the same for everyone? i.e does someone who has had an account here for a longer time have possible options not open to those first coming in? Loyalty bonuses?

Melissa: Tailwind starts at $15 for our monthly Plus Plan or $119 for the year per account for both Pinterest and Instagram scheduling. We also have PowerUps for both our Tribes Product and SmartLoop tools, though both are included at limited levels with your Pinterest Plus Plans.

We do offer a referral program which will provide you with a $15 credit for every person who signs up using your referral link. We have some members who have years of free Tailwind accounts thanks to this program!

Question: How does the new finding hashtags in Tailwind Instagram work? How is it different from before?

Melissa: Our new Hashtag Finder Tool allows you to type in your caption and we will recommend hashtags based on what words you used in the caption. Before you had to add a few hashtags to "seed" the Hashtag Finder. You can also now hover over each hashtag and see how many times it's been used as well as exit out of hashtags that are not relevant to your post. Once you have a great set of hashtags, you can save them as a hashtag list to use for later.

Question: Will Tailwind Instagram have something similar to the Tailwind Tribes that Tailwind Pinterest has?

Melissa: We hope to! If you're interested in helping us develop it, shoot us a message at :)

Question: How does Tailwind post to Facebook and Twitter?

Melissa: We do not currently have native Facebook and Twitter posting capabilities, though you can schedule to a Facebook page through our Pinterest scheduler.

Question: Will there be a Tailwind Facebook or a Tailwind Twitter? What about integrating other social media platforms to include other country social media platforms?

Melissa: No plans at this time, though that could change in the future.

Question: When do new developments to Tailwind typically come out?

Melissa: All the time! We are a fast moving, fast developing company and it feels like we always have something in the works. Since January of 2018 we have launched:

◦    Auto-publishing to Instagram 

◦    Instagram photo cropping 

◦    Instagram story scheduling 

◦    SmartLoop for Pinterest

◦    Instagram geo-tagging 

◦    Auto-posting from Instagram to Pinterest

◦    Scheduling content from Pinterest to Facebook Pages

Michele: Tailwind recently posted an article about the Smartloop to explain more of what it is and how it works.

Question: How does one work for Tailwind and are there job openings to Tailwind?

Melissa: Tailwind is a fast-moving, hyper-focused company. You are making a real impact here - and having fun doing it! We have a number of positions available here .

Question: How has Tailwind grown and where is it looking to go in the future?

Social Media makes the world one big city.

Melissa: When I first started, we had 50 members and 4 employees - including the two co-founders. Since that time, we've grown to a team of 30 and have more than 250,000 members across the globe. Our mission is to make world-class marketing easy for everyone and we will continue to chase that goal in the years to come. 

Question: Does Tailwind partner with Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter? 

Melissa: We are partnered with Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook (through Instagram) 

Question: Does using Tailwind ever work against you with these social medias and building a following?

Melissa: Only if you are misusing it. Both Pinterest and Instagram have said that using a partner tool does not negatively affect your growth on either platform. Just follow best practices! 

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Michele with a caveat here - this question came from my seeing the number change/get lower for the monthly viewers on my Pinterest account during a recent algorithm change in Pinterest. I’ve played with Tailwind and Pinterest off and on since then and seem to be getting back on track with the number growing again instead of lessening. However, I have also done some research on what it means and from what I can understand - it is not one of the big numbers that matter for you as it only means how often you would have your pins in front of people on Pinterest, it doesn’t mean that they’ve clicked on them or engaged with them more or less and I have not seen a huge change in my other numbers (outside of the norm - engagements or website views) that would correlate to this drop of monthly viewers. I will be listing out a number of resources for you in the Tailwind Tutorial post that will have several articles about these numbers and how to read your Pinterest analytics.

Tailwind blog just posted a new article about this as well entitled Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Decrease?

Question: How does Tailwind analytics work? What other analytics platforms is it looking to integrate besides Google Analytics? What about platform organic analytics? i.e. Pinterest or Instagram Analytics being pulled into Tailwind?

Want to save this to read for later? Use this to pin or share with others who would be interested! :)

Want to save this to read for later? Use this to pin or share with others who would be interested! :)

Melissa: Right now we are only integrated with Google Analytics. Our analytics are not a replacement for Pinterest or Instagram analytics, but instead are a great companion to both. You can get a holistic view of your accounts and your content to learn what's working - and what isn't - by using Tailwind along with Pinterest and Instagram analytics.

Question: Does Tailwind work globally? In other languages besides English? Can other languages be integrated into Tailwind?

Melissa: We have members all over the world, but right now our site is only offered in English. Many of our members use something like Google Translate to use the tool in other languages.

Question: Does Tailwind integrate with TTS for deaf and hard of hearing? Or the blind?

Melissa: It does not, though becoming more accessible is something we would like to work on.

Question: In an age of hacking, how secure is Tailwind and what does Tailwind do to ensure the security of its accounts and connections with others social media accounts.

Melissa: Being a partner with Pinterest and Instagram makes us very secure. There are other tools that require you to share your username and password to use, which is against the terms of service for both Pinterest and Instagram. Instead, we have a direct integration through our partnerships with both platforms so your information is secure.

Question: What does Tailwind do to protect privacy in a big data analytics era?

Melissa: We completely redid our Privacy Policy this past summer to be in compliance with GDPR. While I do not know the nitty-gritty details, you can learn more about it here

Question: What would you say are the most popular of the Tailwind Blog articles?

How Often Should I Post to Instagram? Our Study Says Every Day

“Why Aren’t My Pins Being Seen?” Diving Into The Pinterest Smart Feed

8 Instagram Profile Ideas for a Profile that Pops

The 22 Best Pinterest Quotes to Brighten Your Day (ironically, our most popular post has nothing to do with marketing!)

Question: How does Tailwind deal with SEO?  Is it something that is necessary?

Melissa: We don't do much with traditional SEO, though we have written about Pinterest SEO. 

Question: Does Tailwind allow for video posting on both Pinterest and Instagram? What about Stories for Instagram?

Melissa: We are working on setting up video scheduling for Pinterest but it is currently available for Instagram auto-posting! You can learn more about it in this blog post. Tailwind offers Story scheduling, but you will have to manually post it rather than using auto-post as outlined in this post. Right now Instagram does not allow Story auto-posting with their API. As soon as that changes we'll update the app :) 

And there you have it - every question I could think of to ask about Tailwind and what to expect when you use it :) Do you have any additional questions you would like to have answered? If so, please drop me a note at or put it in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you as well as any of your experiences with Tailwind!!

Stay tuned for a Tutorial in setting up Tailwind similar to the Bluprint Tutorial. I have also gathered a number of different reviews and websites about Tailwind for you that will be posted in the Tailwind Tutorial as each person learns differently and there are a huge amount of people that have researched, written about, and tested different features on Tailwind.