About me

Hello everyone! Michele here, from the Washington, DC area.  Mother of one (two if you count the dog who acts like a three year old kid at times), with a full-time job, husband and home while trying to write inspirational articles for you and keep sane through crochet. :)

Throughout my life I have always had a burning desire to learn and create while giving to others.  This blog and my Etsy shop allow me to do both as well as share that knowledge to you and build connections in this amazing community. I love being able to combine the blog/website with crocheting and learning while also being able to show my little one new and fun ways to grown and learn about the world around him and how to be able to give back to others.  

This website and Etsy shop contribute to my goal of being able to quit my job to blog/crochet/learn/share the world with our three year old and you.  VAMICreations is unique in that each crochet piece has a dual purpose - to provide you with a beautiful one of a kind piece to wear or hug or keep you warm and to provide funds to support one of three organizations.  My goal with both areas is to use the blog to share with you various resources on any and every topic you could be interested in but do not have time to research yourself, (let's be honest, living life is crazy busy without needing to research each topic you find interest in or need!), while also providing you an opportunity to have a piece of art and provide support to one, two, or three amazing organizations that help make our world a better place.  

Thank you for joining me on this journey and I look forward to hearing from you about topics you would like to learn about or if you have resources you would recommend to be added to one of our articles.  Also, if you want to collaborate with me on an article please contact us at  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Check out for numerous crochet pieces supporting either the Epilepsy Foundation, Save the Children, or Warm Up America.