Note - This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you, should you click through and make a purchase.

The below links are for products and tools I specifically use for this website.  I only recommend products that I have personally used and found to be helpful (some significantly changing how I write posts, promote my content, etc). Additional recommendations are coming soon as I’m continually updating this page when I find critical resources I use here. Eventually each recommendation will come with an article either a review or tutorial to show you why I recommend the product, tool, or course.


Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Posts:

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing : This course by the Makers of Making Cents is a great way to figure out Affiliate Marketing, how you get started, what your options are, and how far you can go. Michelle has made over $50,000 a month with Affiliate Marketing and many others have done the same or higher! The key is also making sure that what you put on your website and in building pages like this, the focus is on you the reader and making sure the links and ads help you accomplish what you want.

Making Sense of Sponsored Posts : This course is also by Michelle and is an amazing walk through of how she does sponsored posts to the amount of $10,000-$20,000 a month! She walks you through each step, gives you templates on how to set up, apply for and pitch brands, as well as follow-up steps for ensuring sponsor satisfaction and possible ongoing parternship.


Scheduling Tools for Social Media:

Tailwind : This tool is amazing and has resulted in a SIGNIFICANT increase in my Pinterest profile growth! I will be creating an article specifically on this in the form of an interview sometime in the near future and will link it here. A second article will be a step-by-step tutorial on how to set Tailwind up for your use and I will link it here as well. The Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest and scheduling are done in a way where you can literally devote an hour of your weekend to it and have set up your promotions on Pinterest and Instagram for the week! That is a HUGE time saver! An on top of that, it helps with figuring out the right times for both and the best hashtags for Instagram. Currently, I have focused on Pinterest (0-425,000 views a month and 100 to 1,100 followers and growing every day), but while pinning you can also post on Facebook and Twitter! I need to explore those two options more as well as get better at using it to post with Instagram.

An article about Tailwind can be found here where I have asked a Tailwind POC a number of questions about what to expect from Tailwind in 2019, and much more! A tutorial on how to build your Tailwind account is in drafting stages now.

Stores I shop at often to create or research: There are a fair number and I’m adding to them slowly but surely.

Craftsy (now Bluprint) : This is an amazing store and resource that has everything from crochet/knitting kits to indie yarns, patterns, classes, sculpting equipment, sewing equipment and kits, everythign a maker wants and Bluprint ...this has it's own special article (found here - a tutorial of how to sign up for bluprint and a 30 day review of what is offered) as it is quite simply an amazing resource of classes and so much more!!! You can check it out yourself for a week free! There is one more article in the works for you about Bluprint - about the yarn/pattern kits I have bought and used from Bluprint - such fun and highly recommend!!!!

Barnes and Noble: One of my all time favorite stores. I even worked there for a time till I realized I would soon have to pay them to work there given all the books I was buying. Something about talking to customers opening my eyes to other books that I should read :) I’m a self-professed Bibilophile, i.e. I collect books :) The Nook has been by far one of my favorite parts of Barnes and Noble as it is equivalent to having the bookstore at your fingertips, 24/7. Walking into a Barnes and Noble store, picking up a chai tea or other caffeine filled drink and browsing the books, makes my worries slide off me and helps me relax for a little while.