Craftsy Bluprint Review and Tutorial

by Michele Thymmons

What is Bluprint and is it worth having a monthly fee or paying annually? What benefits do you get to subscribe and what is the difference between paying monthly and annually? Below, I go through step-by-step of how to set up a Bluprint account as well as my review each week I use it - what I looked at and watched as well as what I did with it. Over the next month, I’ll be updating this with what I looked at and screenshots to give you a taste of what is available and what you can do with Bluprint .

I’ve been curious about Bluprint since I first started discovered Craftsy earlier this year (2018). And finally decided to create a step-by-step tutorial for you and start reviewing each week a couple of projects and videos to give you a taste of what is available. :) My circumstances are unique in two ways - we just moved to an Eastern European country and I wear hearing aids. The reason this is important is that I wanted to show you that you can access Bluprint worldwide and still receive the same access as in the U.S.A. as well as still have the same quality of understanding regardless of whether you have good sound or not or if you’re like me, prefer most times to not have the sound on and only closed captions as it distracts me and makes me loose my focus on what I’m doing - that’s a story for another time) :).

To start out with Bluprint , I completed the following steps and all you have to do is follow the yellow arrows in the pictures below to set one up for yourself. If you already have a Craftsy account, it will take you a couple of minutes less to complete your Bluprint account set up as everything (information and billing) is transferred to Bluprint when you sign in since they are the same company. If you are starting from scratch, it will take you a little longer as you’ll have to enter in all you information to complete the set up.

Set Up Bluprint Account:

Let’s get started :) You can click this link Bluprint , almost any Bluprint word, or any picture (these are affiliate links which means if you click through and purchase something, I’ll get a small percentage from Craftsy at no cost to you), and go along with the step-by-step as we walk through it or you can read through and click on any of the pictures which will have the same link as above to get you started.

Step 1:

Click the Try Bluprint| Join Now button which will take you to the next page to either Join Now (Sign Up) or to Sign In. If you’re already a Craftsy member, you’ll simply Sign In using your Craftsy log-in user name and password. If you’re not, then click the Join Now button and input your email address and a password. Unless you’re looking to connect your Bluprint account and either your Facebook or Google account for analytics or to share items, I always recommend to set up your account separately and not connect them. Of note, as of 8 January 2019, Craftsy becomes Bluprint and everything will be one company. Everything to include your account and courses already bought, should be transferred and your account will be Bluprint instead of Craftsy.

Step 2:

Annual Plan

Annual Plan

Once you’ve either signed in or signed up, you’ll need to choose whether you want an annual plan or a monthly plan. If you know you want to use bluprint for a year no matter what to explore all that it has to offer, if you don’t like to deal with monthly payments and would rather pay one lump sum, want to save about 16%, get 12 classes you own forever, and also want free shipping with Craftsy. As a thought, if you buy a lot from Craftsy under $99 and have to pay shipping - this could pay itself off in the long run; however, if you don’t buy that often or only when they offer free shipping, it may not be worth it if that is the only thing you are looking at, choose the annual plan. If you’re just wanting to check it out and see if you would use it enough to warrant the annual plan then definitely go for the monthly (this is what I chose). Regardless, they have an awesome offer right now that whichever subscription you choose you get 50% off all Craftsy purchases till the end of the year :) Annual subscriptions do come with a free box of either knitting or other supplies for a class you choose. :)

Monthly Plan

Monthly Plan

Step 3:

Fill out your payment information and click the large subscribe button.

Step 4:

Welcome to Bluprint!!! Now you get to choose your interests so that Bluprint can tailor its homepage after you sign in to your interests. I was actually pleasantly surprised by all of the topics that Bluprint has! Once you choose three of your top topics, you can choose continue. Or if you do not want to choose any topics you can click the not now button and edit your interests at a later time.

Step 5:

If you chose three topics, you can now further tailor your likes by choosing your favorite topic and then your favorite three subtopics. To have more choices for each of the sub-topics click the three dots at the end of the rows.

Step 6:

Enjoy exploring all that Bluprint has to offer!! And continue to check back here as I update this post for my review each week over the next month of what I did on Bluprint and my review of what was available. :)

Bluprint homepage once you sign in - tailored to what you choose as your interests.

Bluprint homepage once you sign in - tailored to what you choose as your interests.

Review of Bluprint :

My initial reaction is that there is a LOT to explore on Bluprint !! I chose Crochet, Cooking, and Fitness as my top three topics with several subtopics but am looking forward to discovering new skills and seeing what I can do with the classes and articles/information available to me. Some of the classes available are from the Great Courses on the History Channel and others are made specifically for Bluprint . :) I did see that there are multiple languages available to subscribers and will explore through that option as well as where to set up the closed caption and other items. As I discover new items, I’ll update this post with the steps to get to them and what the options are as well as my review of them.

Update 1: 27 Dec 2018

So far with Bluprint I have checked out a couple of cooking shows, a kids craft show, tunisian crochet, and some of the fitness shows. More to follow on those in a minute and I will be update pictures and more information on these as well soon. What I wanted to make sure I sent your way as quickly as I found them was the following helpful links.

Is Bluprint available in my country? This link will give you a list of countries to where you can register for Bluprint. If your country is not on the list, Bluprint will not allow you to register due to either legal or security concerns and from what they've stated - there are no exceptions.

Is Closed Captioning available in Bluprint? This link shows you how to use closed captioning on almost every video. I say almost because while I have yet to find one that does not have closed captioning (a huge rarity and I greatly applaude Bluprint and Craftsy for doing this!!!), I have not seen every video and do not want to promise that it would be on everyone when there may be one I have not seen and for some reason Closed Captioning is not available.

Frequently Asked Questions for Bluprint This link is simply all of the FAQs that you may ask about Bluprint. Good list. And you can always submit more questions or ask them via their contact page. Of note, if you have a requests for classes that are not already on Bluprint, you can request them :)

How to Find Downloadable Patterns for Classes in Bluprint? This is a common question and I was looking for this myself while watching the Tunisan Crochet class with B.Hooked (more on this soon). :)

Oh and a very fun note - if you want to try something you - there is a quiz for that!!! When you sign into your account on Bluprint you can choose to take a quiz to see what new skill you want to learn today. I'm working on the slides to show you what it looks like. But I had fun with it and it is how I started the Tunisan Crochet class.

Other questions I'll be researching and will post on next:

How to change the language and can you change it on captions or is it tied to your location? I've been looking and have not found anything yet so I'm asking the experts and will post the answer soon.

How can you download your forever classes for when you have signed up.

I would love to hear from you and see what you would like to know about Bluprint as well! What other questions do you have about have an Bluprint account? Please send me an email at or drop a comment below. What are your initial reactions to Bluprint and are there any recommendations you would like to see on here that you discovered? Credit for any of these discoveries or recommendations will always go to you. :). Have a wonderful day!