The Ultimate Guide for All You Need to Start Crocheting

Star Stitch Crochet Pattern

All You Need to Start Crocheting

by Michele Thymmons

Hello everyone!!! Have you ever seen some of the gorgeous pieces floating around Instagram and wondered how they are made or even if you could make them yourself? You can!!! That is what this crochet series is all about! You will have the chance to meet a number of different designers and find amazing patterns and creations done by them and and others :) . I am so excited that you are here and wanting to start crocheting! It is such a wonderful thing to work with your hands and make something that you or a loved one can wear. You can even make things to sell!

This post is a full round up of everything you need (with some things that are optional that I had to include :)) to start on your crochet journey!!! If there are other things that you think I missed but should be included, please send an email my way ( or comment below as I would love to hear from you!!! I am creating round up posts for each section which will be updated as I post them, both the yarn dyers and crochet hooks are ready for you now and the others will be coming over the next couple of months. :)

Air de Lune Gorgeous Yarns! Check out the Yarn Dyers of Instagram Post for more of these beautiful hand dyed yarns!!

Air de Lune Gorgeous Yarns! Check out the Yarn Dyers of Instagram Post for more of these beautiful hand dyed yarns!!

Materials that you need for crochet can be items you find locally at your Joann Fabrics, Michaels, Walmart, Target or other craft stores as well as Etsy, bluprint, Amazon, and others for more unique crochet materials. Some of the items you will need include crochet hooks, yarn, stitch markers, row counters, patterns, yarn bowls, and a project bag. The three items you need though (unless you make up your own patterns) are a crochet hook, crochet pattern, and yarn. :) The others (stitch markers, row counters, yarn bowls, and a project bag) are optional but many people find them to help in crocheting their project. :)


I have created a huge list of yarn dyers on Instagram for you and they each create so many gorgeous yarns!!! If you’re looking for creative, unique yarns this post has a massive list for you with additions as I find more or hear from you, my wonderful tribe, on more yarn dyers you recommend. If you are not wanting to wait for some of the hand-dyed yarn (also known as Indie Dyed Yarn), you can go to your closest craft or yarn store, which may also have indie yarns in stock. If there are places you recommend for yarn please let me know :)

Gorgeous crochet hooks created by AlionaTerArtist

Gorgeous crochet hooks created by AlionaTerArtist

Crochet Hooks:

There are so many types and sizes of crochet hooks sizes that it can be quite overwhelming to find the one you need. However, to make it easier, start with the type of yarn you will use for your project. Most, if not all crochet patterns will tell you on the pattern itself what size crochet hook you will need. Once you know the size you need to work with, then comes deciding what type of crochet hook you want. You can find more of these amazing crochet hooks at The Ultimate List of Crochet Hooks on Etsy

Stitch Markers:

So many great places to find some unique stitch markers if you are looking for some beautiful ones. Several yarn dyers also create stitch markers and they are beautiful. :) . I will be including a large list of the places you can find these soon. This round up is coming soon!

Row Counters:

There are several places to find these and they are good to use when you have a lot of rows, especially for patterns where there is the same stitch or combination of stitches for many rows - blankets and sweaters are a good example of this. This round up is coming soon!

Combination Kits for Beginners:

If you’re looking at wanting a combination kit for beginners or really any level of crocheter, there are several places that you can find kits that include yarn, crochet hook and pattern. This round up is coming soon!

Crochet Patterns:

Crochet Patterns can be found in multiple places and as we go through each of the different stitch tutorials, there will be a huge list of patterns that you can make with each stitch as well as the previous stitches in the series. For the continuously updated list of the crochet series tutorials, check out the Crochet Stitch Tutorials Start Here.

Yarn Bowls

This is one of those optional pieces of equipment but can be such fun and a beautiful addition to your home and project room. There are many great places to find these and they hold your yarn to help make it more organized as you use it. Some of these are quite unique and beautiful. This round up is coming soon!

Project Bags

These are perfect for organizing your project and having all the yarn, crochet hooks, and other materials in one space. There are several places you can get these, some that are uniquely made as project bags and others that are bags that are used as projects bags. This round up is coming soon!

I realize this has been a long list of crochet equipment and several round-ups to come. Thank you for sticking with me till the end :) .

Thank you for joining us for this massive list of all that you need to start your own crochet projects! I’d also love to hear from you if there are additions I need to add here and what crochet stitch tutorials you want to learn. :) . Also, I’d love to hear about what types of resources you want more information on as well as Makers you would like to nominate for a Maker Feature! Please email ( or leave a comment on this article! Looking forward to hearing from you and have a great day!