VAMICreations Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in working with VAMICreations!!

Many from the maker community desire to learn more about resources that they need whether it be to find new sources of product to create their hand-made projects, create new crafts for kids during the holidays, learn a new handmade skill (clay dragon sculpting, wood carving, yarn dyeing, quilling, crochet stitch tutorials, and more), travel with their child, find a service dog, and more. But many do not have the time or know where to find these resources they seek.

At VAMICreations, we seek to show our readers where they can find all of the above and more! We also seek to encourage our readers to try new things, new experiences, new small businesses, new products while also living their life to the fullest (with more time that would have been spent researching - we do the work for them). We provide in one location, a place where they can find all of this information and find a community that enjoys to learn and supports each other.

Please see my media kit for information about my website, audience and partnership opportunities and I look forward to hearing from you!

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