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The Ultimate List of 35 of the Most Talented Clay Dragon Sculptors on Instagram

Have you ever seen something and had it stuck in your head forever? Or had a thought/desire to create something that would always pop back up in your thoughts continually until you created it? This has been me ever since I saw a dragon hair pin from an Etsy shop. While I’ve always had a fascination for dragons, it wasn’t until starting crochet that I realized that I could actually make a dragon!!! In my search I have come across so many amazing clay dragon makers on Instagram and cannot wait to share them with you!

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Clay Dragons with My Sunkissed Studio

Who thought bats and other winged creatures could be cute? With Shannon of MySunkissedStudio, bats are adorable creatures who have galaxies on their wings and stars in their eyes. They’re magical creatures akin to her adorable dragons that have teenie tiny matching babies that they’re watching over. Even better is the ability to wear these amazing creations around your neck!! In this article, Shannon reveals more of her story and her amazing creations and we both provide resources to you for starting your own clay sculpture or jewelry journey!

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