Foundation Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Welcome crocheter to the next crochet stitch tutorial! This one is the foundation double crochet stitch and can be used to replace the foundation chain and first row of double crochet for most patterns.

Kate of One of Kate loves using this stitch and does it wonderfully so we have asked her to provide a crochet stitch tutorial for you below! And there will be an ever growing list of patterns at the end that you can use the stitch for! Can’t wait to see what you make!!! If you want to look at the other crochet stitch tutorials, you can find them at Crochet Stitch Tutorial Start Here.


By Kate Hammitt of

One of a Kate is about one of a kind, stylish knit/crochet wearables with a simple, luxe aesthetic.  Whether it be a design or finished make, it’s all a piece of me, Kate.  Outside of yarning, I am a pug mom, step mom and racer’s wife.

Foundation Double Crochet

Step 1:

Slip stitch

Foundation Double Crochet

Step 2:

Chain 2

Foundation Double Crochet

Step 3:

Yarn over, pull up a loop in first chain made

Foundation Double Crochet

Step 4:

Yarn over, pull through one loop

Foundation Double Crochet

Step 5:

Yarn over, pull through two loops

Foundation Double Crochet

This completes your first foundation stitch.

Foundation Double Crochet

To make the next stitch and/or desired amount of stitches: yarn over, insert hook and pull up a loop into the chain made from step 4, making sure to go into the front and back loops as you would with a traditional double crochet stitch.  Then, follow and repeat from step 4.


Foundation Double Crochet

Foundation stitches can be used in place of chain stitches for most projects.  I like to use them because it can be tedious and time consuming to chain then have to stitch back into those chains.  I also prefer to use them since it provides more of a stretchy, clean edge that would match the finished off edge.


Foundation stitches can go to whatever height you need as long as you start off with the appropriate amount of chains and yarn overs.  This can apply for half double crochet, treble and double treble.


One of my fave YouTube tutorials on this is by TL Yarn Crafts:

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Here are a number of patterns that use the above stitch so you can practice and make some of your first crochet pieces!!!

While there will not be a pattern created with all foundation double crochet, there are a number of crochet patterns that will start with foundation double crochet and also have other stitches used throughout the pattern.

Below are a list of patterns that either use foundation double crochet or that you can substitute the stitch for the chain and double crochet. I cannot wait to see what you make!!!

Men’s Simple Striped Sweater by ChristaCoDesign

Men’s Simple Striped Sweater by ChristaCoDesign


Spring Cardi is a beautiful cardigan using double crochet. You can make it with full sleeves, half sleeves, or 3/4 sleeves.

Lila Shawl is a gorgeous shawl that you can make one solid color or create with your favorite colorways!

Nebbia Sweater is an awesome sweater using double crochet that you can create in whatever color you love or create multiple ones in all the colors you love!!

By Katerina T-Shirt Double Crochet Pattern

By Katerina T-Shirt Double Crochet Pattern

Men’s Simple Striped Sweater is a great sweater to make for a significant other or as a gift for someone else.

Twisted Arrow Designs:

Open Windows Triangle Scarf is a great scarf to make for those nippy spring or fall days and you can make it in many different colors and color combinations.

Twisted Arrow Cardigan is a fun and easy pattern that has a cutout on the back and can be created in all sizes and colors.

By-Katerina - T-shirt in crochet this is a great crochet pattern that can be used in multiple different colors and sizes. I’m making my own, love the ease of the pattern, and look forward to wearing it!!

If you are left-handed here is an extra tutorial found specifically with you in mind. :)

If you have arthritis or issues with your hands here are some extra tutorials and tips specifically designed with you in mind. :)

The Arthritis Foundation has an article with specific tips for knitting, crocheting, and cross stitching with arthritic hands. They have specific tips for each craft on things you can do to help make manage your arthritis while still allowing you to enjoy the craft you love.

Every Day Health has an article all about how to knit/crochet with Arthritis with 10 tips for how to keep crocheting/knitting. They even encourage you to crochet and craft with Arthritis because it can actually help you with managing it.

All Free Crochet has a full Crochet and Arthritis Tip Guide for those that have arthritis or issues with their hands complete with information about how to help your hands each time you crochet or craft and tips on how to adjust for your craft based on whether you have a good day or a bad day.

You can also find ergonomic crochet hooks (recommended for those with hand pain to ease it and allow you to crochet longer or at all) among the amazing crochet hook shops of Etsy in an earlier round up of crochet hooks.

For those of us trying to prevent hand pain from repetitive motion hand pain, Yarn Obsession has written an article specifically for us :) She goes through several recommendations for how to keep our hands healthy as well as ways to stretch and items that could help if you crochet a lot (for work or pleasure).

Holly’s Split Crochet Holders

Holly’s Split Crochet Holders

YouTube has several videos where people have discussed tips that have helped them with crocheting or knitting with Arthritis or other health issues that cause your hands and body to be stiff.

Jen B discusses how she crochets in this 3 minute video and shows you how to best hold the yarn and more.

Holly Orcutt discusses how she uses her split crochet holder to help relieve her hands of pain and fatigue. You can find more of her designs in her Etsy Shop and see one of her designs in the picture to the right.

Motion Works Blog has an article on tips for crocheting and using your hands despite having arthritis and also gives several stretches that you can do to help your hands while crocheting or crafting.

Laughing Hens has an article specifically about stretches (complete with pictures!) that are great for both crocheters and knitters. I think I’ll start doing these too to help my hands when I’m working on a variety of projects!

Thank you for joining us for this foundation double crochet stitch tutorial! I’d also love to hear from you about what types of resources you want more information on as well as Makers you would like to nominate for a Maker Feature! Please email ( or leave a comment on this article! Looking forward to hearing from you and have a great day!