31 Websites to Plan for Halloween Crafts for Kids

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Pin for Later! :)

Happy Halloween!! Below you will find resources for Halloween crafts for kids, activities and events that they family can participate in together. These resources have been gathered with the goal of helping the family have fun during Halloween while also remaining safe, helping others, and learning some of the history of the holiday throughout the world as well.  

Halloween can be fun for the entire family, no matter the age and as a parent and part of the maker community, you have the added fun of being able to use your skills to create fun experiences and exciting adventures for your kids and you family :)

Of note: I am an Amazon Associate and as such, will receive a small commission at no cost to you, if you should decide to click through any of the Amazon links and purchase something. These specific products were researched and added for your ease in getting ready for Halloween. I purchase from Amazon all of the time and would not recommend something that I have not or would not purchase and use for myself.

Resources for Activities:

1 - Family Education Halloween Fun and Activities focuses on Halloween fun for all ages from party tips, fun games, crafts, printables, movie recommendations by age group, candy alternatives ideas, quizzes, books about Autumn and Halloween.  Of note is an article about UNICEF and their collections on Halloween that have a huge impact on children around the world.  

2 - Teal Pumpkin Project is the main site for the Teal Pumpkin Project.  This project is focused on using teal pumpkins placed on doorsteps to indicate houses that will be providing safe alternatives to Halloween candy.  More people participating in this project and providing safe alternatives allows those kids with food allergies to enjoy trick or treating too and not be left out of the festivities.  

3 -Food Allergies Teal Pumpkin Project is an article that describes more about what the teal pumpkins mean and how they help kids with food allergies (and their worried/harried parents) to also be able to enjoy Halloween’s trick or treating.  Teal is the color for food allergy awareness and the teal pumpkins were started by a mom who’s son had anaphylactic food allergies.  The idea was picked up by FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) which created the Teal Pumpkin Project in an effort to spread awareness and offer safe alternatives to Halloween candy to kids with food allergies.  A pumpkin can be painted teal or purchased at various craft stores around the country to include Michaels.

4 - Funtober is a compilation by U.S. state, of Halloween events within that state. Apparently links are added daily!!  These lists have Halloween events for all ages ranging from children’s activities to adult parties and is a massive list.  They’re working on getting as many events on this website as possible, so check out your state and see if there is something spooktacular happening in your area. They also have a number of different Halloween themed recipes, articles on candy (safety and classic candy, etc) and pumpkins and the history of Halloween.  Funtober can be found on Pinterest as well.

5 - Halloween for Kids is a collection of articles published on Pop Sugar all about Halloween.  Topics include the Ultimate Checklist for Keeping the Kids Safe on Halloween, Baby’s first Halloween - 82 cute costume ideas, Harry Potter costumes and other DIY costumes for anyone from baby-wearing parents to kids in wheelchairs to twins and siblings as well as how to save money on costumes, treats - food and non-food ideas (also more about teal pumpkins for those with food allergies), non-traditional trick or treat ideas, treat bag ideas, creative kid-friendly no-carve pumpkins, fun dinner ideas, kid-friendly pumpkin treats, items to be aware of and possibly remove from your kids treat bags after they finish treat or treating, party themes, DIY decor ideas, movie ideas by age, and so so so much more!!! This site seems to have an article on anything you can think of Halloween related as well as many many other topics.

6 - Activity Village Halloween article includes various activities for Halloween for kids and adults.  This website includes a Halloween Doodle Book, printables, crafts, coloring pages, color by number, DIY costumes, games, jokes, puzzles, themes, vocabulary, worksheets, fuse bead patterns, origami, recipes, videos, and songs.

7 - Awesome Halloween Games has over 30 Halloween games for kids of all ages and both inside and outside.

8 - Kiddy House Halloween is full of Halloween facts and activities to include a detailed article on the history of Halloween and its origins.  After the article you’ll find Halloween printables, crafts, graphics, games, stories, songs and poems, lesson plans, costume ideas, and more facts about Halloween to include information about how Halloween is done in England.  

9 - HGTV Halloween Crafts for Kids is centered on 35 kids crafts for Halloween and include DIY party favors, pumpkin ideas, and handmade decorations.  

10 - BabbleDabbleDo is a group of articles published on the site with topics including last minute costumes, DIY decorations, and several unique crafts (glow in the dark terrarium, make your own mutant toys, haunted mini mansions, and giant kirigami spider webs).

11 - Parents Halloween is a site on Parents.com that is full of articles on various Halloween topics to include planning and safety, healthy snack ideas for class parties, best cities to get Halloween thrills, easy crafts for toddlers, creative pumpkin crafts, DIYs to “Haunt your house” and decorate it, party activities, invitations, cards and crafts, group and family costumes, tips for kids with sensory issues (tag this with sensory issues tag??), fun quizzes, bag and bucket ideas, fun facts about the history of Halloween, face painting ideas, fun pregnancy announcement ideas, and much more.

12 - Delish Halloween Recipes is a list of 26 different recipes all with a Halloween theme ranging from a meal to snacks to desserts and party food.  A collection of other Halloween themed recipes and ideas are at the bottom of the article.

13 - Very Well Halloween is a list of about 9+ easy and fun Halloween crafts for kids of all ages.

14 - Family Disney Halloween the magic of Disney focused on Halloween to include costumes, games, crafts, decorations, recipes, and holiday fun all with Disney characters of course.

15 - Halloween Fun and Activities focuses on Halloween fun for all ages from party tips, fun games, crafts, printables, movie recommendations by age group, candy alternatives ideas, quizzes, books about Autumn and Halloween.  Of note is an article about UNICEF and their collections on Halloween that have a huge impact on children around the world.   

16 - Halloween Activities for Kids has over 50 ideas for Halloween activities for kids.  These activities include anything for kids from making pumpkin lanterns to pumpkin moon sand to ghost rockets and other fall science experiments and Halloween sensory bags.  They also have ideas for non candy favors for Halloween and ghost mud.  Check them out as well for fall activities and so much more!

17 - Fun Things to Do with Your Kids on Halloween is all about 8 fun things that you can do with your kids. These include decorating pumpkins, fixing up the yard, making their own costume, baking treats together, having a sleepover, making a spooky room, getting the teens involved and making a scary video.

18 - Fun Halloween Games this link is all about Halloween games, treats and ideas.  It includes fun games such as ghost bowling, pop goes the pumpkin, witch hat ring toss, activities such as creating your own mask, treat bags, mystery box, bone-a-died scavenger hunt, Halloween smores, Pumpkin Bean Toss Game, Pinatas, Halloween balancing act, ghostly hot chocolate and more! 

19 - Halloween and Bonfire night is on a site that is a connection website for mums and all about kids, maternity, etc.  This particular article is focused on Halloween and has maternity costume ideas, Halloween baby names, face painting ideas for kids, pumpkins, spooky recipes, and more fun filled activities and games/recipes for Halloween.  

20 - UNICEF Trick or Treat is the UNICEF site focused on collections on Halloween to impact children’s lives for the better around the world. The project is Kids Helping Kids and when kids trick or treat specifically for UNICEF the donations to help save other children’s lives.  UNICEF also has a school program which allows teachers and students to participate together.

21 - The Spruce Crafts Halloween has a list of 10 Halloween crafts for preschoolers that range from painting pumpkins to making ghost feet (playing with paint is always fun) and Ghost bowling or halloween play dough.

22 - 25 Cute & Easy Halloween Crafts is a great article that has a list of fun crafts for kids like bat toilet paper rolls, candy corn marshmallow people, egg carton bats and more.

23 - 40 Easy Halloween Crafts from Country Living has some easy and fun crafts for you and kids to do no matter the age! Anything from monster party hats to duck taped pumpkins to monster lollipops and festive finger puppets and many more.

If you like this, you may like:

Halloween Around the World and the History of Halloween:

24 - Halloween Around the World is all about Halloween and how it is celebrated around the world to include in the United States, Ireland (where it all began), Canada, China, Mexico and Spain, Germany, Austria, England, Italy, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Singapore, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sweden, France, Australia and New Zealand, and Russia.  As greatly noted throughout these articles, the U.S. celebration can be different and often is focused on the retail, costume, trick or treat and party aspect of Halloween whereas many other countries celebrate it as a day of remembrance for their loved ones who have died.  This website also has a number of other pages regarding Halloween attractions, various guides to include kid/family fun resources, safety guide, safety resources, jokes, games, clip arts, books, trade shows, movies and TV resources, recipes, costume and craft resources, and more!! 

25 - Festive Halloween gives a quick overview of a number of countries and how the celebrate Halloween or a form of Halloween - i.e. celebrating ancestors or remembering their ancestors, etc.  Countries include: Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czechoslovakia, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland (where Halloween originated), Japan, Korea, Mexico, Latin America, Spain, and Sweden.  Another name for Halloween in many Spanish speaking countries is Day of the Dead and is a joy filled day to remember family and friends that have died.

26 - History of Halloween Around the World has the discussions focus on how Halloween is around the world and includes videos and information on Halloween - where it all began, Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead), and Guy Fawkes Day.  For a number of countries, the day of the dead or the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, or Guy Fawkes Day - the festivities actually take place over several days and can also include remembering those family and friends that have died.

27 -Travel Channel Halloween Around the World gives a summary of how Halloween is celebrated around the world to include the United States, France, Mexico, Ireland (the traditional birthplace of Halloween), and Germany.  After the article, several other articles are shown all that focus on Halloween or haunted locations. 

28 - What Halloween Looks Like Around the World is focused around 9 pictures of Halloween festivities around the world to include - Mexico (Day of the Dead), Italy (Festa della Befana), Europe, (Walpurgis Night), Isle of Man (Hop-tu-Naa), Japan (Obon), Nepal (Gai Jatra), China (Yu Lan or the Hungry Ghost Festival), Haiti (Fed Gede), and Wales (Mari Lwyd).  Of note, not all of these festivities happen around 31 October but all have some of the same focus that Halloween was traditionally started to be, a celebration and remembrance of one’s ancestors.   

29 - Halloween Global is all about Halloween traditions and celebrations around the world and also enables you to find fun Halloween activities near you through a “start here” button at the top of most pages.  They start with the history of Halloween from Ireland (traditional birthplace of Halloween) and from there describe Halloween in other countries to include Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czechoslovakia, England, Britain (Guy Fawkes Day), France (la fete d’Halloween), Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Latin America, Spain, and Sweden.  This is similar to the first history article but it has listed out at the bottom, the sources and references for the article so that the reader has additional resources by which to read more if so desired.  

30 - BuzzFeed What Halloween Looks Like Around the World focuses on pictures and a short description of what several countries celebrate for Halloween.  To include: Mexico, Romania (Legend of Dracula), Germany (Subes oder Saures), China (Hungry Ghost Festival), Ireland and Scotland (Samhain), England (Guy Fawkes Night), Australian Halloween, Japan (Obon), Austria (Seleenwoche), Czech Republic (Dusicky), South Korea (Chuseok), Nepal (Gai Jatra), Cambodia (Pchum Ben), and the United States.

31 - Halloween Celebrations Around the World While Teaching English starts out with a little bit of the history of Halloween then delves into how 13 other countries celebrate Halloween to include: South Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Thailand, Greece, Germany, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico. 

Thank you for joining us with this article all about Halloween Crafts for Kids! Let me know if there are additional resources you would recommend I add here or if there is a holiday you want to find more crafts for - either email me (vamicreations17@gmail.com) or comment below.